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Next Generation Citroen C3 Get’s The Render Treatment

The current Citroen C3 model didn’t receive much love and even though it’s not a great car, it’s still hard to understand why it was so badly received. After all, it was immensely better than the previous (and first) generation.

Why this particular small French car was such a flop is not for us to ponder, but for Citroen’s marketing and development departments. And they might just look at the more successful Citroen C4 Picasso and think “yeah, we’ll do that.”

At least that’s what the guys at OmniAuto seem to have been thinking when they came up with this rendering for Citroen’s next small car. If the real model proves to be close to this one, then the goofy-looking C3 is about the become something of a mean-machine.

It borrows heavily from the C4 Picasso and the more recent C4 Cactus, but the style really seems to suit this hypothetic C3, don’t you think? It gives the model the kind of slight aggressiveness it was so desperately lacking before with its wide eyes and rounded forms.

The one great thing the second generation Citroen C3 did bring was the wonderful Zenith windscreen, and we really hope the new model, however it will end up looking, will continue to offer that option. What that basically did was extend the top of the windscreen quite a few inches into the roof, offering those inside (especially on the two front seats) a unique experience. Driving in a car with the Zenith windscreen through a mountain pass was an unforgettable experience.

Look out for the next generation C3 sometime next year

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